Saturday, November 6, 2010

Know What You Drink

This blog entry applies to Pakistan only.

Ever thought what you're drinking when you buy a 12 rupees juice in a tetra pack from the store in the locality.You open the fridge,grab a pack,pay for it and gulp it down and toss the pack in the bin.Now you try to taste the juice.Umm was it wait i bought an apple drink...its definitely apple...yeah i can sense it on my taste buds.

You go home satisfied wiping your mouth off.
Well you should be knowing that you're wrong !
How is that ? Let me explain.Lets re-wind the whole story.You buy an apple juice.
Ever see the contents.It says Tomato pulp more than apple pulp.Then its says apple essence and then theirs this number you dont know about?

Ever wonder that a glass holds 250ml of liquid.The pack label says its 250ml.
Ever made your own fresh apple juice.No ?
Well it takes at least 4 full size apples to squeeze and make a glass.
Ever went to the market and bought apples.No ?
Oh ! Come on there must be something you've done yourself.!
Well a Kilo costs 55 rupees an average in Pakistan.
And a Kilo makes hardly 2 glasses of juice.
How come the company pays for the tetra packing,the labor,the plant maintenance,delivery and still get a substantial profit out of a pack just for 12 rupees ?
Whereas two glasses of tetra packed juice cost 24 rupees to the consumer
Are they going in a loss ? Are they MAD ? Are they crazy ?
Well the answer is NO ! These corporate giants are pretty clever.

Groping through a long story the answer lies in CARROTS !
Yep ! Amazing as it seems but you all have been drinking carrot juice my friends because tomatoes just shot through 60 rupees a KG.Expensive than apples
And they too seem to be unfeasible.

Now carrots cost 2 rupees a KG in bulk....I mean when buying several hundred truck loads of bulk each day.
The carrots are crushed,apple/mango/pineapple essence added,preservatives added,packed,stored and then delivered to the market and at the end of the day the company gets a profit margin and you go home satisfied that you drank apple Juice.
So next time you buy a pack.Do KNOW and be aware that you are drinking carrot juice.

Note: All companies do not do this and is this a fact that is based not on a particular company.The juice may not be harmful as carrot juice is good for health and by the way who cares anyway. But the companies ought to mention this on the pack.The article was for general awareness !



  1. yean yean..........we all know this, how do we know from this that WHAT actually is in it???????????????????????????????

  2. This is what actually is in it !
    The post was made after an authentic source informed me of it.
    All juices are really carrot juice and many second grade companies even sell water with flavor and scents.
    the scents and taste comes from esters .
    No need to become stunned because 99% of the food we eat (packed food) is having esters.
    Weather it be a candy or a pack of crisps.