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Natural Solutions for Radiation Exposure and Protection

Natural Solutions for Radiation Exposure and Protection


Radiation encourages the circulation of free radicals in the human body, which can result in DNA damage, cancer, and other health conditions. Currently, everyone on earth is exposed to some level of radioactive energy and it is essential that individuals take steps to counter this bombardment and to reduce the amount of exposure wherever possible.


Natural Ways Lower Radiation Levels


There are simple remedies that can be used to decrease the body's load of radiation from which almost anyone can benefit. Those who have concerns regarding their level of radiation exposure may wish to consider the following:


Introducing more chlorophyll-rich foods into one's daily diet is an excellent way for individuals to reduce their radiation levels. Chlorophyll rich foods include spirulina, blue-green algae, kelp and seaweed. Such herbs and plants contain iodine and a wide variety of rich minerals that prevent radiation from harming the thyroid gland.


Eating antioxidant-rich foods such as sweet potatoes, yams, blueberries, blackberries, and cherries is also a tasty way to lower the body's radiation levels. Antioxidant vitamins such as D, E, and C also help to combat free radical damage from radiation or other sources.


Natural Remedies for Radiation Exposure


Although chemicals and drugs are sometimes used to counteract the effects of radiation, there is also a vast array of natural remedies that can assist in preventing radiation damage, as well as help to reduce radiation levels in exposed persons.




A bioflavonoid found primarily in citrus fruits such as lemons and grapefruit, Naringin is an aggressive scavenger of free radicals, therefore it may also significantly reduce damage caused by radiation. In addition, citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, which is also an antioxidant.




A sleep remedy used for insomnia for hundreds of years, melatonin has been proven to reduce oxidative organ damage and injury. Research suggests that there are many benefits associated with the used of melatonin in combination with other therapies for cancer patients. According to the Journal of Pineal Research, melatonin was also shown to protect against damage caused by ionizing radiation in laboratory rats. Melatonin can be purchased at health food or vitamin stores and the recommended daily dose is 1-3 mg. However, as this supplement is a remedy for insomnia, it is not advisable for one to use melatonin when he or she needs to remain alert.




Iodine offers a high level of protection against radiation-based free radicals and the damage they cause. The current therapeutic dosing recommendations depend one's age, weight, and level of exposure; however, general guidelines are 130 mcg for adults and adolescents and 65 mcg for children 3-12 years of age. 16 mcg of iodine is the recommended dose for babies up to 3 years of age. When used in conjunction with a potassium supplement, iodine protects the thyroid gland for up to thirty days, but this protection will only last for 24 hours in absence of the potassium supplement. In addition, if exposure has already occurred, iodine is capable of removing radiation lodged in a person's thyroid gland.




Tetracycline, a frequently prescribed antibiotic, helps to protect human neurons against the damaging effects of radiation-induced apoptosis. The results of many scientific studies suggest that certain derivatives of tetracycline such as cephalosporin, ceftriaxone, minocycline, and doxycycline can even protect neurons from apoptotic death.


Calcium Bentonite Clay


Used for decades to clear up cystic acne, calcium bentonite clay has the ability to counter attack damage from ionized radiation in humans. This clay can be purchased online or at health food stores and should be used as a body scrub for optimum results. The mixture can be applied over all areas of a person's skin and hair, although one must avoid getting it in his or her eyes. It should be left in place for ten minutes and then vigorously scrubbed off. In cases of acute exposure this process can be repeated every 6 hours for the first full day.

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