Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Automotive Geniuses and their Creations

History has shown us that once a new product, machine or gadget is introduced and accepted into the market, others start playing with it, modifying it and many times improving the original. The automobile is no exception, after the Model T and all its variations were accepted by the public many other geniuses started to make changes and invent new things to add on to it.

The cars we drive today are nothing like the original models, they have evolved through almost one hundred years of history. During this time many people made contributions, some small some large but they all put in a grain of sand to create the cars we ride today. Car history is not only about speed and power; it is about comfort and accessories. Since boys will always be boys the first changes and improvements were related to engines, suspension and gears.

If you go back in time and look at automobile inventions of the past, it is possible to find an electric car as far back as 1834 and a hybrid in 1920. It is said that many of these inventions were hidden and kept away from the news so the internal combustion engine would develop and the great European and American car manufacturers could grow and conquer the Earth with their huge gasoline guzzling beasts.

Once the internal combustion engine was king and it was established that we would use them forever, geniuses started to modify them and convert them into muscle cars or super-fast cars. In 1940, a man named Tucker adapted a helicopter turbine to a car and raced it on the flats in Death Valley, yet even before that a car with 1250 horse power that reached the amazing speed of 270 miles per hour was built, ordinary people with great minds and even greater dreams accomplished these feats.

Most of us only dream of driving at those speeds and probably would not do it if we had the chance to. Speed and power are not the only great innovations and inventions affecting cars, there are others that we do use and appreciate every day. Power steering makes our life much easier and so do air conditioning during the summer and heat during the winter. These may seem simple things compared to turbo engines and cars racing at 300 miles per hour, but they sure make our life easier.

Innovation in the automobile world never stops though, there are always new things popping. The car that parks itself, the electric eye that will stop the car if it is about to run onto something while backing up; these are examples that help us drive better and safer every day. Cruise control, fog lights, winches, special off road suspensions and so many other things that we consider normal and ordinary today were one day new and innovating.

Just sit back and remember the day you watched television in color for the first time. It was marvelous wasn't it? Today, forty years later it is nothing, we are watch9ing disasters and shows around the world live and in high definition, what is next? Only the dreamers, creators and innovators of the world know it.

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