Thursday, December 16, 2010

Can a person really write about his actual death ? YES !

You won't believe this but an 11 year old kid wrote the story of his own death two days back for his essay "An Accident".His death turned to be the same as he had written !

A couple of weeks ago in Pakistan an illegal race took place on the streets of Islamabad.
During the race a sports car, half way through the course got out of control and smashed into the crowd.
FIVE people died on the spot.

Those who lost their lives in the accident include Baber Ali (Askari Bank), Asfandyar Ali (15-year son of Baber), Sohail Khan and his son Danyal Khan and Mohsin Javed (son of Col Javed). Majid Naeem (senior auditor PTCL) survived unhurt from the tragedy.

The drag race festivity turned into a fatal tragedy when 11 years old child named Asfand Yar also died along with his father in the incident of said drag race held in Rawalpindi. It is told that he had written an essay in his English Paper on the subject “The Accident” just two days before his death. The said essay becomes the real story of his death as he died while watching a drag race along with his family. The matter has also been reported in sections of print media. The office moved a note to Chief Justice of Pakistan to intimate about the incident.

                                                The child who wrote of his own death !

The driver of the car escaped and no arrest has taken place till now.However the Chief Justice taking notice  passed the following orders:- “Stately, loss has been caused to the lives of five persons, including a child who along with his family members was present at the site and apparently so far no legal action has been initiated against the responsible persons thus above note be treated as Petition under Article 184 (3) of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and fix it in Court on 13.12.2010)” .

Here is the video link:
Child writes of his own death-Youtube