Tuesday, December 7, 2010

3 things you didn’t know about your eyes:

Our eyes truly are wonderful and without them our lives would be very much the duller. There are very few things that we do on a day to day basis that do not require our eyes and the same can be said about our hobbies. Whether you are looking a beautiful sunset or watching your child walk for the very first time your eyes are undoubtedly invaluable to us. This blog post is going to tell you a few things about your eyes that you are unlikely to have known and that may come as a surprise to you. So here goes with my top 3 things you didn’t know about your eyes:

1.       It takes our eyes until the age of 7 to fully develop: Right up until this age our eyes are still developing. This is the reason that lazy eyes can still be treated up until we reach this age. A lazy eye refers to an eye that even with the best possible glasses or contact lenses on cannot see as well as our good eye. So if you have a lazy eye and it is discovered when you are aged 5 years old there is still a chance that this eye can be strengthened as your eyes are still developing. This is done by patching over your good eye for controlled periods of time to make your bad eye stronger.

2.       We see with our brains not our eyes: Everyone assumes it is our eyes that are what we see with but in reality it is our brains that we ‘see’ with. Our eyes in effect collect all the raw material for seeing such as amount or light and contrast and then send all this information to the brain via our optic nerve. The brain then pieces all this information together and produces the image which we see.

3.       Our eyes develop based on our environment: Whilst our eyes are in the early development phase between being born and 3 years old they develop according to the environment they are living in. If for example a child was only exposed to straight lines and no curved lines they would not develop the ability to see curved lines. So if you showed them something with only curved lines such as a circle or ball they would have great difficulty seeing it!

Just remember how important your eye sight is and be sure to have regular eye tests to ensure they are in good health. If you have visual problems then laser eye surgery may be something you have considered. Just remember to fully research the laser eye surgery risks before you decide to have the treatment. For information on laser eye surgery and cosmetic surgery uk you can visit www.Treatmentsaver.com

Tim Harwood is an Optometrist with over 8 years in practice with a specialist interest in both laser eye surgery and contact lenses. He has worked both in the UK and Australia and worked for both Multiple and Independent opticians.

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