Sunday, November 7, 2010

Aid To Better Sneezing

Don't you hate it when your nose tingles,you feel a sneeze coming,you prepare,you close your eyes then nothing happens.

The sneeze passes away
And you wait for the sneeze to come but its suppressed now and you cant bring it back.
But at the back of your nose you have this feeling of dissatisfaction.
Here's an aid you could do every time a sneeze comes and be successful.
The secret really is to look at a bright object such as a lit bulb or the sun (Not for too long though,you might become blind), Wolla ! Easy as that.

No one really knows why this happens but as a part of a research it was found that by seeing a bright object the nervous system momentarily becomes really active and sends impulses to the lungs to blast out whatever dust it has out of the nose.
Try It...It really works !

Note: It is very dangerous to suppress a sneeze.It is a natural body mechanism that relieves you of harmful germs and dust.DO NOT suppress it.

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