Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cool Off Duty

Don’t look now on-line gaming buddies, but you’re leaving yourselves open to a very subtle attack and what’s more, you have no-one to blame for the infiltration of the enemy but yourself!  Want to know the weakness in your defence?  Letting on-line gaming take over your life, that’s what!


It’s come to my son’s attention that he has the ability to clean up very nicely in the love stakes lately through events completely not of his own making!   The scenario goes like this: friends a-plenty, couples and singles all meet up in the relevant hostelry.  The fraternity of avid on-line gamers, one of whom imaginatively uses his C.O.D. username as his real-life nick-name (and expects his girlfriend to address him by it) immediately get into a huddle for a recon of last night’s mission and to plan further steps in their total annihilation of some poor sap who doesn’t know the rules yet.  


Initially, this left my son (non-gamer, but writer-type, pen being mightier and all that ..) feeling a bit peeved and left out, until he realised that the abandoned females in the party, realising their own come-hither moves cannot compete with the significant military manoeuvres that were under discussion, were turning to him for attention and also (shamelessly in some cases) offering up rather more attention to him than they should, all in a bid just to get their own fella to notice them!   Well, he’s a good lad (so he tells me) so he makes no moves of his own, but now that he’s adjusted to this scenario, he does have a great time in the company of some very lovely females, whilst the wanna-be territorials spend their evenings planning their next virtual gathering. 


So our point is, isn’t virtual gaming is one leisure activity and an evening down the pub with friends and girlfriend quite another, so when you are with your girl, the gaming side should cool off (because we know this happens the other way around when she’s round yours for the evening)?   Surely one has to have priorities that include those who are real, living and breathing and waiting for a drink, rather than those who have a gaming persona that will shoot you in the virtual back soon as look at you if it means they will rise through the ranks quicker?  Whilst meanwhile behind your real back, this real cooling off of affection duty could lead to your girl seriously seeking new alliances of her own.  Just a thought!


Musa Aykac is a guest blogger for MobyMemory, he absolutely loves the internet and is a tech geek at heart.

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