Sunday, January 8, 2012 Review

Wondering what linknami is?

Here it is all in the nutshell: is a social advertising website service where advertisers can connect with social experts and social media influencers and post custom messages on their twitter profile, facebook personal profile or facebook fan page for a fixed fee.
On the other hand publishers can signup and earn money by tweeting or messaging interesting and relevant brands, products and services to your twitter followers, facebook friends or facebook fans.

Still got questions?
Well here is how it works. The website is an array of excellent money making and branding tools, where you can earn money and at the same time promote your brand quickly,effectively and legally all at the same time.

Why linknami is Awesome?
1.For once its easy to use
2.You can make decent money
3.You can promote your business/brand virally !
4.Earn trust and authority by engaging your followers in a discussion about the brands, products and services.
5.Easy to setup: Connect to the service and set your own rates. Takes just 2 minutes of your time.
6.Earn 90% of each tweet and message. The highest rate in the industry!
7.Full control! No tweet or messages leaves our system without your personal authorization. Tweet and earn cash or decline the tweet.
8.Full compliance! Tweets and messages are clearly marked as AD to comply with twitter and facebook rules.
9.Manage multiple social media accounts from one user interface, ideal for agencies who manage many clients.
10.Withdraw your money any time you want, don't wait for the next payout cycle.

What are you waiting for. Signup at Linknami NOW !

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