Saturday, July 2, 2011

Spirituality in Aruba

Aruba is a magical island with blue skies and sparkling beaches.  Aruba resorts are complemented by the natural beauty of turquoise Caribbean waters, pristine beaches and stunning panoramas. 
Aruba is also an island bursting with religious and spiritual experiences.   Although most residents are Catholic, the island is filled with many nationalities living harmoniously side by side with various religious beliefs. Tourists are welcome at all houses of worship. 

The picturesque Chapel of Alto Vista exudes tranquility on its dramatic setting above the sea. The chapel was the island's first Roman Catholic Church, built in 1750 and reconstructed in 1953.
The small, bright yellow chapel is reached by a winding road lined with white crosses marking the stations of the cross. For local Arubans especially, it is a special place for peace and contemplation.Santa Ana is a Roman Catholic church situated in Noord, not far from the downtown Oranjestad area. When it was constructed in 1776, Santa Ana church represented the island's second most important religious meeting place (the first being Alto Vista Chapel). The church was rebuilt two times, once in 1831 and again in 1886.

A final renovation to this historical site was accomplished in 1916. Today, the church is most famous for its solid oak, hand-carved altar, a work of art accomplished in classic neo-gothic design. The alter won an exhibition award in Rome in 1870, and was later given to Santa Ana Church by the Antonius church in Scheveningen, the Netherlands.

During your next Aruba all inclusive vacation, make sure to check out the spiritual side of the island!  

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