Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Transparency International's - Global Perception Index

Who's leading the world in corruption?.This can be seen clearly by the big colorful map down below.I know it seems pretty lemony and red but well.The lemony area are of those of the clean guys and well the red ones are those who are not.This year how ever 178 countries took part and Somalia won by an amazing 1.1,followed by Myanmar and then Afghanistan.
and the cleanest blokes on the map are Denmark,New zealand and Singapore each (9.3).
As a personal analysis corruption is most high in war torn areas of the world.Somalia having ethnic and drug lord problems.Myanmar ( I dont know about them) and finally Afghanistan , with Taliban and rest of the world fighting for whats seems to be a never ending war.


Iraq is the runner up with the Americans leaving some where in 2011.Here too war is dominant.Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan too are drenched in civil war.With the rebel party killing many parliamentarians earlier this year.To sum up North America partly Europe and Australia are the cleanest areas where corruption is concerned on the planet but Asia,Africa and South  America....Err well they have to improve...alot !
This map was drawn in accordance to 13 independent surveys .
But the fact remains there is 10 % chance of error.

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