Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mind Press's Prosperity Interview with Mickey Mikeworth

Mickey Mikeworth believes that the way you solve a problem will decide how much wealth you will hold on to and that is why she has dedicated her life to teaching a prosperity message. She has been an active educator and speaker for 26 years and specializes in the ideas and actions surrounding prosperity. Her latest project "10 Habits of Prosperously Minded People” is in full swing with a 2012 national speaking tour that is both dynamic and empowering.

Tell me about the ideas you’re sharing on prosperity:
The old wealth models are dead and our economy cannot sustain the old paradigm. It is time to think and act differently. I am here to give people some new ways to look at some old tools.

The first is to re-look at a very misunderstood word called Prosperity. As a definition means to multiply and regenerate and it is an action word. When people understand the value of changing the way the invest resources into the world we start to see dramatic changes. Your capital and resources should be invested into projects and people that can regenerate the investment back into the world. When you see it in action you have a very powerful outcome and we have ALL seen this in our lives. .

How can the everyday person start being more prosperous?
The first lesson I teach in that money only has one purpose- it buys CHOICE: it will gives everyone a choice of what they eat, how they dress, and how far they will be able to travel. Money cannot see your race, age, or gender, and it follows the same rules for everyone.

Who doesn’t like more choices?
The ways in which we spend money also GIVES choice.
Do you really want the banks to have 25% of your choices in interest on your credit cards or would you like 25% more of your cash to make different choices with?

What is the incentive for acting in these ten habits?
Most people already want to achieve these habits and most people I have met are already working on them at some level. One example is defining your core values. I see people trying to pin down that set of questions all the time but they do not know how to put those values into a realistic action plan.
I have been doing private consulting for 10 years and people that have these unique 10 prosperity based habits, assimilate the actions these habits create, and use the problem solving skills that prosperity minded people have will use resources more efficiently, get things done at a faster pace, and they have more personal and professional satisfaction.

What made you dedicate yourself to teaching prosperity as message?
I teach prosperity as an action plan not just as a message. Most people already work on many of these concepts but they are unable to put the pedal to the metal and make real headway on these concepts.
I see bits and pieces of this message all over but I have never seen a list this complete before on what are the exact habits the people have taken on and how they can put those habits into defined action steps and thought processes.

I was once a welfare mom struggling to make end meet and I know firsthand the inside despair that can come from being broke every day. I also came from a public health educational background and I got a firsthand look at what an impact education and information can make in the health of a family. Small actions can add up to BIG payoffs.

In prosperity a small seed from a few people can grow an orchard rather quickly. I encourage people to gather their network and create planned orchards instead of just thinking of themselves as a single seed.

How do people connect with you on these ideas?
I am teaching on this subject constantly live and electronically and I am touring in 2012.
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About Mickey:
Mickey was presented with the honor of being voted the "Top Women in Finance" by her industry hosted by Finance and Commerce Magazine, Voted the Women’s Choice Awards as the best Financial Advisor for Women hosted by the Women’s Press, and ranked in the top 300 wealth managers in the state of Mn from the Five Star Wealth Awards hosted by Mpls St Paul Magazine. Her work with international micro-lending has been in Town and Country Magazine and America's Best Magazine. And her ideas on Plastic Budgeting have been highlighted on the front page of the business section of the New York Times.

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